Since September 2017, I lead the Digital Humanities Research Lab at the KNAW Humanities Cluster where we are working on strengthening digital methods in humanities research at Huygens, IISH and Meertens Institute. In January 2023 I was awarded an ERC Consolidator grant for TRIFECTA, a five-year project devoted to improving language and semantic web technologies to create better knowledge graphs for humanities research.

Between October 2009 and September 2017, I was a researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where I worked on various interdisciplinary projects such as NewsReader and CLARIAH (see also my projects page).

During my Ph.D. project, I worked on the MITCH project at Tilburg University. My project was concerned with improving data quality and advanced knowledge presentation through (sometimes automatically induced) ontologies. To see what else I’ve been up to before and during my Ph.D. project you can have a look at my CV or my publications. My Ph.D. thesis can be found here.

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